Enhanced TR-XLPE insulation Released

Nexans has announced its newest product, ENERGEX EXTRA, made possible through the conversion of our medium voltage production to use DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 tree-retardant cross-linked polyethylene (TR-XLPE) insulation.

Comprehensive laboratory and pilot plant testing by Dow, in addition to full Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) qualification tests, verify DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 insulation provides superior performance compared to previously available insulation systems.

The advantages of ENERGEX EXTRA using DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 include: improved resistance to water tree growth; higher retained dielectric strength after ICEA 360 day Accelerated Water Treeing Test (AWTT); and reduced cost of ownership through longer cable life.

Nexans has received certification to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard C68.5 (primary shielded and concentric neutral cable for distribution utilities), and is eligible to apply the CSA mark on products manufactured with DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 insulation.

“Utilities, manufacturers and materials providers must collaborate in order to ultimately deliver power cable solutions that ensure reliability and maximum service life,” said Fred Dennert, Division Manager of Distribution Standards at BC Hydro, the largest electric utility in British Columbia, who is currently receiving DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 insulated cables from Nexans. 

ENERGEX EXTRA made with DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 insulation offers extrusion processing characteristics and enhanced strippability for ease of field accessory installation. 

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