Fluke accelix

Solution Integrates Condition Monitoring, CMMS and SCADA

Fluke has released a new version of its eMaint computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), with improvements that include integration with Fluke Connect Conditioning Monitoring Software and SCHAD, enabling full integration with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Version 11.4.5 of eMaint provides companies with an integrated system that improves the way organizations monitor equipment health and manage maintenance operations, resources, and compliance. The integration of multiple data sources allows faster and better maintenance decisions that maximize the utilization of resources.

The software upgrade includes:

Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring Software Integration — Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software enables maintenance managers to remotely monitor multiple assets while also producing asset alarms and numerous data graphs per asset with correlating current, voltage, temperature, vibration, and power quality monitoring.

Users can now connect Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software with their eMaint X4 CMMS account so data and alerts automatically feed into eMaint, eliminating the need to manually import data. Key features of the integration include the ability to:

  • Synchronize assets within eMaint X4 with Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software.
  • Trend live data readings from select Fluke Sensors™ products in eMaint X4 (readings are available on the asset record, asset related tables, or the dashboard).
  • Export data feeds from Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software into eMaint X4.
  • Link eMaint X4 assets to existing assets within a Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software account.
  • View Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software notifications in eMaint X4.

SCHAD AMR Integration — SCHAD Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a stand-alone module that connects automated systems directly into a CMMS system for dramatically improved capture of asset performance, providing significant cost savings through enhanced maintenance practices and reduced downtime.

Users can now connect SCHAD AMR with their eMaint X4 CMMS account, allowing programmable logic controllers connected to AMR to push meter readings automatically to the eMaint system so data can be integrated into one system saving time and eliminating redundancies.

eMaint is a part of the Fluke Accelix ecosystem of connected tools and solutions. Accelix integrates Fluke’s portfolio of wireless tools and condition monitoring sensors with eMaint, CMMS, and SCHAD Mobile Work Management SCADA solutions, and shares information with enterprise solutions of choice.

For more information on eMaint CMMS, visit: www.emaint.com.

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