Wildfire 2

Data-Driven Asset Risk Scores for Wildfire

Jan. 11, 2021
Webinar about Data-Driven Asset Risk Scores for Wildfire Risk Mitigation

This webinar covers how data science is being deployed at Avista for scoring the risk of specific assets and specific section of the grid relative the risk of wildfire starts. Avista is deploying a data-science solution to uniquely score wildfire risk based on a combination of grid attributes at specifics locations (vegetation, weather, location, asset, etc.) for a total of hundreds of risk inputs at a sub-feeder level granularity.


Dave James - Avista

Tom Martin - TROVE Predictive Data Science

Tom Martin is TROVE’s Managing Director of Product, Energy & Utilities strategically aligning internal and external stakeholders to deliver new analytics and situational intelligence products. Prior to TROVE, Tom led the Emerging Grid Technology at Pacific Gas & Electric leading the implementation of new technology and analytics in support for PG&E’s Electric Operations as PG&E looked to reduce operational costs, improve safety, and increase reliability in support of grid modernization.

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