trenwa lid

Trenwa Offers Chance to Win Apple Watch

Stop by the Trenwa booth on April 17 and 18  at the IEEE PES T&D Expo for a chance to win a Series 3 Apple Watch.

Guess the weight of one of the company's new lightweight Fibrelite trench covers and get entered into a drawing to win an Apple Watch. The drawing for the Apple Watch will be at the end of the show on Tuesday and Wednesday at Booth #2875.

Fibrelite lids are high-strength, lightweight, composite-structure trench lids designed for Pedestrian, TIER 15 & TIER 22/HS20 Traffic and do not require troublesome ‘protection rods’ to achieve their rating.

The lids are light enough to be easily removed by one or two people, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of site traffic and handling abuse. Their low weight and ergonomic design provides outstanding safety margins by preventing back injuries and falls. The absence of protection rods makes access to trench contents quick and easy.

The lids are also an easily implemented trench solution that withstand the test of time. They are non-conductive which eliminates any concern about arcing or lightning strikes and do not require grounding like their steel lid counterparts.  They are resistant to most chemicals, salts, and UV exposure and will last 25 years or more without noticeable degradation. 

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