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UK-Denmark Power Interconnector Worth $2.2 Billion Completes Final Cable Section

July 19, 2023
Joint venture between National Grid and Denmark’s Energinet to be completed by end of 2023 and share green electricity in UK.

Prysmian’s Cable Laying Vessel and its team has completed cable works on the Viking Link interconnector, which is a $2.2 billion project and a joint venture between National Grid and Danish system operator, Energinet.

The 765 km project, joining Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire with Jutland in Denmark, will be completed by end of 2023 and help share green electricity to power 1.4 million UK homes. The cable joining process involved lifting the sections of cables out of the Danish waters and joining each conductor/strand together on the Cable Laying Vessel. National Grid’s sixth interconnector, Viking Link will help deliver energy to be shared between the UK and Denmark.

National Grid expects its interconnectors to help the UK avoid around 100 million tonnes of carbon emissions between 2020 and 2030. The company also stated that 90% of the energy imported through its interconnectors will be from zero carbon energy sources by 2030.  

National Grid announced plans for a 1.8 GW Offshore Hybrid Asset (OHA), LionLink between the UK and the Netherlands, in early 2023. The company is also planning a second OHA called Nautilus, likely to connect with Belgium and supply electricity to 1.4 million UK homes.

“Interconnectors bring huge benefits to the UK, acting as clean energy super-highways, allowing us to move surplus green energy from where it is generated to where it is needed the most,” said Rebecca Sedler, Managing Director for Interconnectors. “As countries begin to integrate more offshore wind generation into their energy systems, interconnectors will become critical for transporting clean and green energy and helping to manage the intermittent nature of renewable sources.”

While OHAs support the UK and EU efforts to meet 2030 and 2050 offshore wind targets and fasten displacement of fossil fuelled power stations, they also have the potential to reduce the impact on the environment and coastal communities.

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