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National Grid Reveals Results of Subsurface Mapping Projects in New York

Oct. 20, 2022
The technology from Exodigo gives utilities like National Grid an X-ray vision of buried assets.

Exodigo, a non-intrusive subsurface imaging platform, announced a multi-million dollar investment from National Grid Partners (NGP), as part of a commitment to fighting climate change by deploying breakthrough technologies at scale. NGP is the corporate venture and innovation arm of National Grid.

Exodigo successfully deployed its mapping solutions at National Grid sites in New York to provide project teams with complete, precise knowledge of buried assets. While traditional methods of underground mapping draw conclusions based on one or two types of sensors and visual hints, Exodigo employs multi-sensor fusion and processes the signals with artificial intelligence (AI). The approach is like running an MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound all at once and combining the results into a single source of truth. The density and speed of data collection and processing enables Exodigo to identify more buried assets than other subsurface locating and surveying methods – finding 20-50% more utilities than alternatives, according to analysis from the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Technology Advancements and Gaps in Underground Safety 2022 report.

“We’ve proven consistently that our technology discovers more buried utilities than any other alternative. These additional, hidden lines are often the root cause of safety issues, budget overruns, and massive schedule delays, which contribute to environmental damage and increase the carbon footprint of major infrastructure projects,” said Exodigo co-founder and CEO Jeremy Suard. “We are excited to collaborate with National Grid, as we see them as pioneers in adopting innovative and disruptive technologies within the utility industry.”

Exodigo delivered accurate, detailed subsurface maps to National Grid that verified locations of known assets and revealed the presence of previously unknown utility lines. These additional lines did not appear in as-builts or existing records but were detected by Exodigo’s proprietary algorithms. 

“Exodigo’s technology presents a significant opportunity for National Grid to improve safety, reduce cost, and increase operational efficiency on our construction projects. Early pilots are showing positive and promising results,” said Dave Lessard, engineering manager, innovation at National Grid. “The Exodigo subsurface imaging platform found all the major below grade-assets at a National Grid test site in Yaphank, New York, including some unknown lines that were not found in any existing documentation. National Grid is excited to explore this technology further across our business.”

Since beginning commercial operations in June 2022, Exodigo has collaborated with 20+ leading owners of large capital projects across the energy, utilities, and transportation sectors in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

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