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Neenah to Feature 3D Models of Pressure-Dispersing Manhole Covers

March 2, 2018
Neenah Foundry will be in Booth 703 at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo

Neenah Foundry has a complete line of utility manhole covers, vault hatches and utility trenches. That includes the CPR II cover, which mitigates the damage caused by an underground explosive event. The unique features of this cover allow it to raise up 3 to 4 inches during an event dispersing the pressure, gases and flames 360 degrees around the opening and low to the pavement. The cover seats back down in the frame at the conclusion of the event limiting the flow of oxygen back into the structure.

The two patented latch designs have been tested extensively at EPRI over the last decade sponsored by a variety of utilities. The covers are designed to meet wheel load, lift hole and lettering requirements. The covers work with many existing frame styles, and the adapter rings and anchor kits offered resolve other issues including the restraining of the frame.

Neenah Foundry's booth will display functional 3D models of the products it offers, including our CPR II covers that mitigate the damage caused by underground electrical events.

Neenah Foundry
Booth 703

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