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Shenyang Hongyuan Magnet Wire Co., Ltd. offers advanced, completed, and highly automatic production technique equipment and test instruments. The leading products include bare copper winding wire, enameled winding wire, fiber-wrapped winding wire, paper-wrapped winding wire, combined wire and CT. The products meet the requirements of different kinds of wire for 500 kV, ultra-high voltage, large capacity transformers, reactors, and instrument transformers. The annual production capacity reaches more than 26000 tons.

The serial patented CTC supports extra high-voltage and super-capacity transformers 500 kV, 750 kV, +|-800 kV,1000 kV and 1700 kV independently developed by the company to stop a gap at home, of which 87-strand CTC have reached international advanced level, having passed national verification and won the honorary title of well- known products at both the provincial and municipal levels.

Shenyang Hongyuan Magnet Wire Co., Ltd.
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