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Wedge-Type Connectors Expand and Contract for Life

WEJTAP connectors that expand and contract for long life use a power-driven, aluminum alloy wedge to lock the tap cables into a self-adjusting “C” shaped spring body, maintaining consistent pressure throughout the life of the connection. The wedge’s wiping action, in combination with factory installed Penatrox Pena 13, an oxide-inhibiting compound, provides superior contact integrity.

The installation tool is breech-loaded and incorporates an automatic forward venting gas release directed away from the operator. Also, there are no loose parts to drop or misplace and a booster ejection system provides additional safety to the operator.

The connector contains a clearly defined chamfer on the large end of the run conductor groove to identify the “large run” groove, adding to the convenience of visual or hand identification for correct wedge positioning.

FCI/Burndy Products

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