Trapped Key Interlocks

Kirk Key Interlock Co. announces the Kirk 316 Series trapped key interlocks. This new line of key interlocks is the suitable choice for key interlocking electrostatic precipitators. The Kirk 316 Series is designed for applications that require resistance to high temperature and/or corrosion.

The Kirk 316 Stainless Steel Series comprises electropolished stainless steel, and the Kirk 316 Hybrid has a brass housing with 316 stainless steel inner components.The Kirk 316 Series offers a simple, heavy-duty, robust key and cylinder mechanism with no openings and few moving parts. The shaft driven design helps resist dirt and debris from impeding normal interlock operation. The gasketed key and dust cover further prevent debris from entering the interlock cylinder. All the components of the Kirk 316 Series are electropolished or passivated, ensuring smooth operation and durability.Kirk Key Interlock Co.
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