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Transmission Investment Super Session

Some estimates state that more than $60 billion is needed to improve the U.S. transmission system so it can deliver electric power for today’s demands. Capital investment in the power grid has languished for years, and continues to do so. If ever there was a need for serious discussion on how to implement and pay for transmission system modernization and new construction, it is now. In Super Session 1, Transmission Investment – It’s Time, a distinguished panel of industry professionals will consider questions such as these: Who should plan the upgrade and enhancement? Who will pay for it? Who will implement it? Should utilities? Independent System Operators? Regional Transmission Operators? Should the cost recovery be through standard utility rate structures determined through state or federal rate proceedings? or should there be a service charge on individual competitive transactions?

According to panelist Abigail Dowling, Practice Lead, Electric Power Source, Div. of Management Recruiters Pittsburg North, although managing the physical aspects of transmission line maintenance and construction is critical, serious attention must also be given to the personnel aspects. She says, “When transmission asset management is discussed, the focus is on how you maintain lines, get permits for new lines, and so forth, often without addressing the most critical asset -- the people. Physical assets really take care of themselves if you have the right professional assets – the right people.” Super Session 1, Transmission Investment – It’s Time, chaired by Chris Hickman, Consultant, will also include: Mike Heyeck, AEP; Dejan Sobajic, Consultant; Alison Silverstein, Consultant; and Rick Bush, Editorial Director, Transmission & Distribution World.

Monday, May 22, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

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