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Telogis Presenting 5-Minute Demo and Free Flashlight

Come by the Telogis Booth 323 for a five-minute product demo and get a free Telogis flashlight.

Keep your fleet at your fingertips, dispatch with precision, beat all your benchmarks and accelerate ROI. Telogis offers a range of GPS fleet management software solutions:

  • Telogis Route: Reduce miles and travel times with optimized routes and instant reroutes. Link to Telogis Fleet for actual vs. planned.
  • Telogis Fleet: Get real-time location and status for all assets on one dashboard, with full fleet metrics and reports to match.
  • Telogis Mobile:Stay connected to your workers through two-way messaging, forms, work orders & navigation
  • Telogis Integration: Add full API capabilities with seamless integration, then accelerate ROI with Telogis Training and ongoing support.
  • Telogis Dashboard: highly intuitive, web-based control center to view critical information about vehicles and drivers in the field.

See how to optimize your assets in real-time. Telogis Fleet gives you real metrics with which to optimize your maintenance programs, vehicle purchase priorities and emergency response capabilities. When you have the location and engine status of every vehicle, prioritized data automatically delivered to the right managers, and optimized routing, you can expect more from your fleet and effectively manage response times. More accountability and compliance. More safety and fuel savings. More productivity. The Telogis Enterprise platform can accommodate all service providers and all utilities worldwide. Track thousands of vehicles on a single screen, then drill-down to dots on a map with boom activity on a single truck. Optimize routes and resources. The result? No calls to drivers for locations. No stone-age route planning. No wasted time when there’s no time to waste.

Telogis Booth 323

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