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Spray-Applied Polyurethane for Steel Utility Poles

Chemthane is a spray-applied polyurethane system that provides protection against ground level corrosion of steel utility poles. It can be applied directly to the galvanized steel substrate in coating thicknesses from 1 to 2 mm without an additional primer. It is specifically engineered to resist scratches and abrasion and to maintain adhesion to galvanized steel poles and tubular steel structures during installation and burial. This two component spray polyurethane is intended to extend the service life of utility poles, cellular towers and wind turbines beyond the life expectancy of conventional galvanizing.

Typically, steel structures receive corrosion protection during the galvanizing process. However, abrasion during installation combined with aggressive soil and elevated water tables will quickly degrade even the most durable steel. These polyurethane coatings can provide a barrier against rust and corrosion that will cause premature failure. For above ground steel structures, the product also protects from abrasive winds, salt water spray, and ice conditions. This coating can add an impermeable barrier of protection and help prevent white-rust formation at the substrate.

Chemline Inc.

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