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SCADA-Ready Solid Dielectric Switches

SCADA-Ready Solid Dielectric Switches

G&W Electric Co. has simplified the process of automated switching with a new SCADA-ready, three phase switch design. Part of its Trident solid dielectric switchgear line, the compact Trident-SR switch features integral, high-speed magnetic actuator operation; load break or fault interrupter application; integral current and voltage sensing; and open platform circuitry for a wide selection of programmable automated controls.

All components are internal to the switch housing, making it suitable for submersible vault applications. Other features include maintenance-free operation; modular dead-front construction; compact footprint; time proven EPOX solid insulation; and ratings through 38kV, 12.5kA interrupting. The switches are designed and tested to applicable ANSI C37.71, ANSI C37.72, ANSI C37.60, IEEE 386, IEC 265, IEEE 592 and ANSI C119.4 standards. Trident switches are also available in single-phase and multi-way configurations through 27kV, 12.5kA sym. interrupting.

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