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Remote Substation Monitoring System

Mikron Infrared, Inc. DualVision Ultra substation monitoring system is a remote system that combines airborne ultrasound sensing with visual and infrared video for continuous substation monitoring – all in an environmentally hardened, internet-enabled package. The ultrasonic sensor detects the unique sound patterns of arcing, tracking or corona conditions that cannot be detected with the use of infrared alone. By integrating airborne ultrasound detection with infrared and visual camera systems, it can detect a wide range of anomalies before the underlying problems reach a critical stage. Both security and predictive-maintenance monitoring is in a single package, on one line, to any computer. The system consists of separate thermal imaging and video cameras, plus an ultrasonic detection unit, all housed in an environmentally sealed, temperature-controlled enclosure. The cameras and ultrasound sensor have Internet IP addresses and password protection, allowing control from any computer using wired or wireless Ethernet.

Mikron Infrared, Inc.

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