Pole Tester and Designer

Reliables Lines will exhibit two products for the inspection, maintenance and engineering of overhead wooden poles. The products combine state-of-the-art non-destructive wood pole scanning technology, reliability-based design algorithms, software application running on tablet computer and cloud database. The products are called Pole Tester and Pole Designer.

The Pole Tester is a fast and lightweight device that is attached to the pole using a belt-like mechanism. The device then sends a number of mechanical pulses through the cross section of the pole. The time of flight values are automatically sent to a tablet computer via bluetooth technology. The software application on the tablet maps these values, shows the cross-sectional plot indicating the anomalies inside the pole and calculates the percentage of original strength. The data capture results are then emailed to a cloud database for reporting and data analysis.

The Pole Designer is an engineering tablet application that incorporates the Pole Tester system and the extra load information captured by an inspector on the field to find a Reliability Index and Time of Failure for the utility wooden poles.

Reliables Lines
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