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PES Scholarship Plus Program Taking Applications

The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative is a collaborative effort with involvement from education, government and industry. Corporations are partnering with PES to provide scholarship funding and career experience opportunities for this new generation of power engineers.

The goal is simple; increase the number of well-qualified, entry-level engineers to the power and energy industry. The program benefits students, industry and academia.

For qualifying undergraduates the program provides not only scholarship and industry internships/coop experience, but many ways to gain experience and build knowledge in power engineering careers, including mentoring opportunities and special recognition as a PES Scholar.

The Initiative benefits the power and energy industry by attracting qualified and energized young engineers to the field. Organizations can benefit directly through involvement in the internship and career experience program. Funding from partners in industry makes the program possible and will allow us to expand our efforts.

For colleges and universities, participation can attract more students to electrical engineering departments. By promoting awareness and excitement about challenges and rewards of careers in power and energy, the Initiative supports EE and ECE departments by providing more interesting and exciting opportunities for their students.

The deadline for submitting an application in 2012 is June 30th. Since the www.ee-scholarship.org has launched PES has had close to 18,000 unique visitors (17,630 as of 3 April) with 42% of these visitors arriving directly to the site (typing the URL into their browser). More than 1000 students create accounts which enables them to apply for the scholarship.

2011 PES Scholars

In October 2011, Ninety-Three (93) PES Scholarship recipients were selected from 51 U.S. universities for the 2011-12 Academic year. These undergraduate students were selected by industry and academic representatives based primarily upon: academic preparation; extra-curricular activities and leadership; interest in engineering in general, and power and energy engineering in particular; and overall assessment of student's potential for a successful power and energy engineering career.

The universities with the highest # of PES Scholars:

  • Drexel University (5)
  • University of Kentucky (5)
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (5)
  • Arizona State University (4)
  • South Dakota State University (4)
  • University of Central Florida (4)
  • State University of NY at Buffalo (4)

Update on PES Scholars

For students who have graduated or expect to graduate by December 2012:

  • 50% (12) have found a full time job
  • 29% (7) are actively looking for a job
  • 21% (5) are planning on attending graduate school

Of these students, they have found employment in the following industry:

  • Services: Engineering Services in Energy and Power Systems (33%/5)
  • Electric Services: Gen/Trans/Distr. Utilities (20%/3)
  • Electric Services: Distribution Utilities (7%/1)
  • Manufacturing: General (7%/1)
  • Services: Universities (7%/1)
  • Other (27%/4)
For individuals are expected to renew their scholarship:
  • 12% (8) have an internship at an academic institution
  • 67% (43) have an internship at a company/industry
  • 20% (13) have not obtained an internship yet
  • For those that have obtained an internship, they are in the following industry:
  • Services: Engineering Services in Energy and Power Systems (23%/12)
  • Electric Services: Gen/Trans/Distr. Utilities (21%/11)
  • Electric Services: Distribution Utilities (10%/5)
  • Manufacturing: Electronic And Other Electrical Equip., Components, Except Computer Equip. (8%/4)
  • Electric Services: Generation Providers (4%/2)
  • Services: Universities (4%/2)
  • Electric Services: Transmission Provider (2%/1)
  • Manufacturing: Electric Transmission and Distribution Equip.: Transformers, Switchgear (2%/1)
  • Manufacturing: General (2%/1)
  • Other (25%/13)

If a PES Scholar has not obtained an internship/career experience:

  • 70% (7) have applied for an internship at a industry/company
  • 20% (2) have applied for an internship at a university
  • 10% (1) has not applied and is receiving assistance

Comments from PES Scholars (More comments are available - http://www.ee-scholarship.org/sponsorship/testimonials/ )

  • A PES Scholar was interviewing for a job and was asked "Why did you apply for this job?” Response: "I was searching for scholarship opportunities and found information on the PES Scholarship Plus Program. That motivated me to take a serious look at the power industry."
  • If I were to describe in one word what being a PES Scholar means, it would be opportunities. Being a PES Scholar has augmented my opportunities in finding internships, which will in turn provide me with the experience needed to become a successful engineer.
  • Being a PES Scholar allows me insight into the power industry and careers within that industry. It has opened doors and gained the attention of my peers, my professors, the university, as well as potential employers. They know that I take my education and interest in electrical engineering very seriously.
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