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Outsourcing T&D Infrastructure Projects

Increasingly, utilities are forced to deal with the competing pressures of maintaining existing T&D system reliability, creating new infrastructure to accommodate load growth and coping with little to no increase in in-house engineering and construction resources. Utilities are finding mixed results as they turn to outsourcing some of their T&D infrastructure projects to deal with this situation.

Senior engineers from several electric utilities will discuss the approaches that they have undertaken, the results they have achieved and their recommendations to others facing similar challenges. These panelists mirror the demographics of the conference attendees in that they include investor owned utilities, a municipal utility and an electric cooperative. Additionally their perspectives reflect the specific issues pertinent to the five separate geographic regions they serve: the Northeast, Southeast, North Central, Southwest and West Coast.

PN14 Tuesday, October 11, 2:00 pm-5:00 pm Sponsored by: Transmission and Distribution Committee Chair: JOHN SULLIVAN, ABB

05TD0442 Outsourcing T&D Infrastructure Projects—Burbank Water & Power D. BIRLA, City of Burbank, Water and Power; R. MCCORKLE, ABB

05TD0445 Outsourcing T&D Infrastructure Projects— KeySpan Corp. G. PETSCHAUER and R. KASCSAK, KeySpan Energy; J. BRAZ and E. GOTHLIN, ABB

05TD0446 Outsourcing T&D Infrastructure Projects— ABB T. HOPE and R. REYMERS, ABB

05TD0052 Outsourcing T&D Infrastructure Projects— FirstEnergy Corp. R. O’CALLAGHAN, FirstEnergy Corp.; J. VALDES, ABB

05TD0178 Outsourcing T&D Infrastructure Projects— Kit Carson Electric Cooperative L. CISNEROS, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative; S. SPRAGUE, ABB

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