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New 245 kV Circuit Breaker Exhibited

Pennsylvania Breaker LLC (PAB) is exhibiting its new 245 kV dead tank SF6 circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is rated for 245 kV, 3000 A, 63 kA, 2 cycles with high asymmetrical interrupting and capacitive switching performance. The company has established a 90,000 ft2 design, test, and manufacturing facility in the Pittsburgh, PA area. The facility is located within the 1.2 million ft2 Pennsylvania Transformer Technology Inc. (PTTI) factory in Canonsburg, PA. The facility supports design, testing, and manufacturing of circuit breakers from 72.5 kV to 550 kV, including interrupters and mechanisms. A partner of PTTI, PAB was formed to serve USA users of high voltage breakers with products designed to ANSI/IEEE standards for typical USA applications (60Hz, high fault currents, high X/R, long lines) and with USA based expertise and application support.

Pennsylvania Breaker, LLC

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