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Need for GIS Knowledge Increasing

The IEEE PES Substations Committee will sponsor the Gas-Insulated Substations Panel Session on Tuesday, April 22, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The discussion reflects the increasing need of information about this technology in North America. Based on a tutorial created by the GIS subcommittee within the substations committee, this panel will provide practical information to engineers who are using or might use GIS technology today or in the near future.

After almost 10 tutorials held around the United States, this forum will make for an interesting discussion in Chicago. The panelists represent major manufacturers and experienced users.

Hermann Koch of Siemens AG will lead the session with the following presenters:

08TD0786 Overview GIS
H. KOCH, Siemens AG

08TD0785 GIS
H. KOCH, Siemens AG
P. BOLIN, Mitsubishi MEPPI

08TD0788 GIS Applications
H. KOCH, Siemens AG

08TD0789 MTS
H. KOCH, Siemens AG
W. DEGEN, Siemens AG

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