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Multi-Vendor Substation Automation Showcase and Paper Presentations

SUBNET will be showcasing some of its latest technology on the tradeshow floor as well as delivering paper presentations that profile the smart grid initiatives of some North American utilities.

SUBNET is a multi-vendor substation automation expert. Test drive some of the latest technology at Booth 1763 and learn about:

  • Total IED management solution: Help address NERC reliability requirements with a SUBNET PowerSYSTEM Center solution which includes comprehensive IED configuration management, IED access control, IED password management and IED event file collection.
  • Optimal substation architecture to effectively manage and configure substation IEDs: The SUBNET One Architecture demonstrates how to implement a redundant substation architecture that is easy to configure and maintain.
  • Advanced substation data gateway solution with redundancy: SUBNET’s substation data gateway solution doesn’t require vendor specific hardware so you’re free to choose the hardware option that best suits you.
  • Future proof your substation with SUBNET technology: SUBNET’s specifically multi-vendor solutions enable to you take advantage of the latest IED management technology without having to replace existing hardware. Learn how to future proof your substation and avoid forklift hardware replacement.

Plan to attend the following sessions:

1. Unified Grid Intelligence

Tuesday, 05/09/2012 9:30AM, Room 208C Speaker: Anthony Eshpeter, Vice President of Software, SUBNET Solutions Inc.

This session will highlight "Solutions" incorporating products from multiple vendors, utilizing multiple technologies.

2. Engineering - The Next Generation Approach

Speaker: Randy Kimura, Director of Solutions, SUBNET Solutions Inc.

This paper discusses the program to develop but more importantly attract the interest of the next generation of technical experts.

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