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Leak Sealing Services

The Power Services Division of Colt Atlantic Services is dedicated to providing quality leak sealing services to the electric generating, transmission and distribution industry. These repairs are completed on leaking oil, SF6 gas and nitrogen without draining or de-pressurizing the equipment, and in many cases with the unit energized.

All work is documented and guaranteed for two years with an additional lifetime guarantee. Repairs include, but are not limited to: flapper valve flanges, packings, pumps, threads, tap changers, ct’s, welds, cover plates, bushings, pot heads, cannon plugs and man ways.

The S22 sealant that is injected maintains a “memory” that allows for expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes and vibrations. This sealant is not an epoxy, will not bond to the metal and has been tested for dielectric properties and dissolved gas analysis.

Colt Atlantic Services Power Services Division Booth 1827

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