Iraq T&D Reconstruction Panel

A new Special Interest Session has been added to the program: Iraq, T&D Reconstruction Panel. It will be moderated by Richard Bucci, Transmission & Distribution Program Manager, Washington Group International, Inc. on Tuesday, May 23, 10:15 am-12:15 pm, Room C140.

The international cooperation among many companies and governmental organizations to accomplish the installation of electric power system transmission and distribution facilities in Iraq will be discussed.

Planned Presentations and Speakers are as follows:

1. Overview of Iraq Electric Power Situation: Eng. Barga Al-Juburi, Deputy Minister, Iraq Ministry of Electricity

2. The Iraq Power Sector – The Project Contracting Office Perspective: US Government, Iraq Project and Contracting Office

3. Iraq T&D Design - Build Perspective: Matthew Brown, Senior Project Manager, Washington Group International, Inc.

4. Iraq SCADA System – A Supplier's Perspective: Roberto Bayetti, Director of Operations, and Mike Jabbar, Senior Staff Project Manager, Siemens Energy Management and Automation, USA, and Karl Dietrich, Director Sales & Operations, Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution, Germany

5. Global Equipment Supply In the Reconstruction of the Iraq Power Grid: Lutz Boettger, IEC Project Manager, ABB Inc.

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