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IntelliGrid Consumer Portal

The IntelliGridSM Consumer Portal is at the interface of the electrical network and the customer. It enables services and advanced applications that benefit electrical system operation. Examples of Portal applications include AMR, demand response, real-time pricing, theft detection, remote disconnect, energy management, DER interface and control, and outage detection. Technologies for major aspects of the Consumer Portal, communications, security, and networking are available. The wake of failed portal pilot projects left by the utility industry demonstrates the need for a standardized, open architecture and gateway to allow technology providers to develop equipment and applications that meet the evolving needs of utilities. Consumer Portal requirements and standards will be designed to accommodate the numerous protocols and technologies that are in place today serving consumers for non-energy-related services.

This work was supported by the IntelliGridSM Consortium., an EPRI initiative funded by US and international utilities, government and vendors. Results are public and can be downloaded at
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