Integrating AMI and Advanced Sensor Data with Distribution Automation

The super sessions and technical panel sessions at this year's IEEE PES T&D World Conference were well-attended. with standing room only in a few sessions.

Panel sessions were particularly popular because of the detailed, technical information and opinion the presenters offered. The PES Transmission and Distribution Committee sponsored Integrating AMI and Advanced Sensor Data with Distribution Automation on Wednesday morning, April 21.

Utilities are earnestly working on the development of the enabling advanced applications and technologies needed for the new smart grid future operating environment. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Advanced Sensor Data are emerging as foundational technologies to ensure the achievement of the goals for the Smart Distribution Grid.

Utility experiences were shared about the development of the next generation Smart Distribution Grid with the integration of AMI technology and utilization of sensor technology. AMI deployment achieves corporate goals, greater system visibility, operational improvements and increased system efficiency. Sensor technology provides advanced techniques to facilitate circuit operational optimization and to increase the visibility of the readiness of power equipment.

Four North American utilities were invited to update the industry on their experiences with the integration of AMI and Advanced Sensor Data into the Smart Distribution Grid strategy.

G. Larry Clark, Alabama Power Co. chaired this technical panel session with the following presenters:

The Use of AMI Meters and Solar PV Inverters in an Advanced Volt/VAr Control System on a Distribution Circuit
R. NEAL, Author Affiliation: Southern California Edison

Transformation to a Smart Grid
T. WEAVER, Author Affiliation: American Electric Power

Integrating AMS and Advanced Sensor Data with Distribution Automation at Oncor
A. BERN, Author Affiliation: Oncor

Communications Options for Distribution Automation and Automatic Metering
D. CRAIG, Author Affiliation: ENMAX Power Corporation

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