Insulation in Distribution Transformers – Functions and Innovative Solutions

WEIDMANN Electrical Technology, Inc. (Booth 1445) will present an Info Session titled “Insulation in Distribution Transformers – Functions and Innovative Solutions,” at the upcoming IEEE PES T&D Exposition.

Insulation systems for distribution transformers are considered by some to be commodities. However, WEIDMANN engineering is changing this view and is reducing the manufacturing costs for distribution transformer OEMs and the Total Owning Cost for End Users.

In this Info Session, we will discuss the function of insulation in distribution transformers, critical parameters and fundamental design criteria. Results of the extensive R&D and application of the modern electric field simulation tools increase understanding of the application specifics of each region of the distribution transformer insulation system and enable engineering new insulating papers specifically designed for optimized performance and active material savings.


Join WEIDMANN on Wednesday, May 9, at 8 a.m., Room 208A to learn more about engineered papers for transformer optimization and cost reduction. The session will be led by Sasha Levin, one of WEIDMANN’s senior engineers, leading the advancement of distribution transformer technology.

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