Imbibitive Technologies to Demonstrate Imbiber Beads

Imbibitive Technologies will perform booth demonstrations at its Booth 825 at the IEEE PES T&D Expo to show how Imbiber Beads can help organizations with SPCC compliance issues.

Drain Protection Systems (DPS) from Imbibitive Technologies are designed to allow rainwater to drain but automatically seal the leak path in the event of an oil release.

Imbiber Beads selectively remove organic liquids from water and are discussed in the Design Guide for Oil Spill Prevention and Control at Substations, USDA-REA (RUS) Bulletin 1724E-302, USEPA final rules for SPCC compliance, 40 CFR Part 112 (2002) and in IEEE Guide for Containment and Control – IEEE Std. 980

Imbibitive Technologies Booth 825

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