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IEEE T&D Technical Program Announced

This year’s conference program consists of more than 240 technical poster sessions, nearly 30 focused technical panel sessions, four super sessions, instructional tutorial sessions, special interest sessions, an educational track, a special short course, and a collegiate program.

The event begins on Sunday, May 21, at 6 p.m. with a conference reception at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in downtown Dallas. On Monday, May 22, the opening session is scheduled for 8 a.m. at the Dallas Convention Center. The exhibition floor opens at 10 a.m. immediately following the opening session.

A program of poster and panel sessions is scheduled continuously throughout the event. Some of the Panel Session topics are: Project Evaluation and Selection; Rethinking T&D Architecture for DER Environment; Stray Voltage - Causes, Impacts and Mitigation; and Insulator Selection for Icing Performance. www.ieeet-d.org.

The Poster Session program includes sessions focusing on: Modeling and Computation; Wind and Distributed Generation; Dynamics and Control; Distribution Apparatus; Lightning, Insulators, and Insulated Conductors and more.

In addition, four Super Sessions are focused on the following subjects: Transmission Investment; Wind Energy; Reactive Power; and Cyber Security. The four sessions will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22, 23, and 24.

Tutorials scheduled for Sunday, May 21, feature three sessions: Reliability, Cyber Security of Control Systems, and Engineering Ethics for Today’s Power Engineer.

This year’s Educational Track is scheduled for three days and is focused on Fundamentals of Electric Power Systems for Engineers. The purpose of the program is to provide refresher materials for attendees. The Educational Track is scheduled Monday, May 22, Tuesday, May 23, and concludes on Wednesday, May 24.

Special Interest Sessions cover such topics as: Increasing Transmission Capacity Using Real-Time Dynamic Ratings; Cascading Failures and Blackouts; The Impact of Rising Material Costs on the Power Industry; and Broadband Over Power Lines.

A Special Short Course will be presented on the subject of Power Systems Basics for Non-Engineering Professionals. The course will be offered on Tuesday, May 23.

The conference also offers students seeking to join the power engineering profession a special Collegiate Session where they can interact with power-delivery professionals from around the world.

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