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Hendrix Showcases Spacer Cable Systems

Hendrix Wire & Cable’s Spacer Cable systems are designed for performance in environmentally sensitive areas. Hendrix Spacer Cable is suitable for areas with tree coverage or abundant wildlife and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to overhead or underground distribution circuits.

Spacer Cable conductors are designed with a covering that limits the electrical charge on the outside of the cable, cutting down on the potentially lethal electrical charges and protecting wildlife (like raptors or other large birds) that may come into contact with phase conductors and ground points.

With a conductor covering that can withstand temporary contact with tree branches and other vegetation, Spacer Cable systems from Hendrix reduce the amount of foliage that must be removed to accommodate conventional bare wire circuits by 50 to 80 percent. Combined with the Spacer Cable system’s small configuration and superior strength, fewer trees need to be removed to install the system, and subsequent trimming is far less extensive than with bare wire systems. In addition, the system offers great flexibility in span length, thereby allowing the poles to be placed in areas where access is least disruptive and avoiding extensive root damage often caused by trenching to install underground systems.

Hendrix Wire & Cable
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