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Gene Wolf to Blog the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Expo

Whether you are attending the Conference and Expo or not, you can catch up on the show happenings by checking out the IEEE PES Show Blog. Gene Wolf, past chairman of the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Committee and an IEEE Fellow, will share his perspectives on the preparations leading up to the expo, followed up by his experiences at the show itself. Join Gene at http://ieee-pes-td.com/ as he participates in events major and minor, wanders the show floor, meets intriguing individuals and investigates the latest in technologies.

Postings on the IEEE Show Blog will begin a week prior to this New Orleans event and run continuously during the week of the show....

"The biggest conference and exposition of the utility world is about to take place in New Orleans with the 2010 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Expo. PES decided to do something different with the last expo by starting the first IEEE PES Show Blog. My name is Gene and I am a past Chairman of the Transmission & Distribution Committee. I was approached a couple of years ago to do a blog, and I didn’t think twice (maybe I should have) and said sure I’ll do it. My next thought was what did I just do? Did I just volunteer again? Will I never learn? I never wrote a blog. I’m a nerd engineer not a Gen X-ing blogger.

Well friends, here I am doing it again and the idea is to give everyone a fresh viewpoint of the Expo and have some fun along the way. My viewpoint is definitely different, and fun is part of my current job description. I have been a utility engineer for roughly 37 years and active in PES for almost as long. I like to know how things work and the Expo is a chance to operate the new technologies without damage to your career (that is a big plus).

As an engineer I am way too curious for my own good sometimes – heck most times. When I see a new piece of equipment, I always wonder what would happen if I pressed that button. I have gotten into trouble sometimes with that approach – like the time I pressed a button and jammed the approach radar at an Air Force base in Japan for a couple of hours and no planes could land, but that is another story. At the Expo, we are encouraged to press buttons, pull levers, executing programs to see what happens – sounds like heaven for a curious attendee.

My blog will allow me to share talking with friends, colleagues, and folks I run into at the event. It will let me tell you about hunting down new technologies from the smart grid, finding old standby technologies with a new twist updated by an influx of new ideas, and some devices you may not have heard about that I have stumbled over in the course of exploring the exhibit floor. I plan to hit the super sessions, panels sessions, and ask the exhibitors a lot of questions about how their whiz bang technologies work. So that is the plan, campers. I’ll share my insights and comment on what I find. I hope this blog will help your conference experience. And don’t forget, send me your comments. If you see something I missed tell me about it so I can let everyone know!"


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