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Disaster Response and Recovery

Electric utilities and the electricity they provide have become so fully incorporated into our daily and professional lives that the only time we notice it is when it is not available. We expect electricity will be available upon demand. To meet this expectation, electric utility professionals must be prepared to respond when the unexpected happens. Someday, somewhere a disaster will occur and the entire utility community will have to respond and provide recovery to restore service to millions of customers.

The IEEE Super Session, Disaster Response and Recovery will review the response and recovery and the decisions that must be made throughout the entire process of the recovery and rebuilding effort.

  • Italo DeSantis, business continuity coordinator, Exelon Business Services Corp., will chair the session. Other panelists include:
  • Earl Zuelke, deputy director, Emergency Management, Chicago 911 Center
  • Shin'ichi Imai, manager, Power Network Engineering Innovation, Tokyo Electric Power Co.
  • Thomas King Jr., manager, Electric Delivery Technologies Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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