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Digital Voltmeters In Six Models

The DigiVolt® series of digital voltmeters and phasing sets from HD Electric Co. is designed to take voltage measurements and perform phasing applications on system voltages up to 80 kV. There are six different models. The DigiVolt-80 is a compact, high accuracy dual stick voltmeter and phasing set with connecting cord. The DVM-80 measures voltages up to 40 kV and up to 80 kV with a pair of optional add-on resistors. The two-stick design can be used in both overhead and underground applications. The DVM-I and III are single-stick units with a ground lead designed for taking line-to-ground measurements up to 20 kV. The DVM-II and IV are two-stick units for taking line-to-ground and line-to-line measurements up to 50 kV. The DVM-III and IV also include a capacitive test point mode. This allows for taking voltage measurements and performs phasing directly from the capacitive test points on the backside of load-break elbow connectors. The less expensive but smaller DVM-V, a two-stick unit for measuring and phasing voltages to 20 kV, does not include peak hold mode or capacitive test point mode.

HD Electric Co.

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