Demonstration Projects for Energy Storage Applications

The Power System Analysis, Computing & Economics Committee sponsored the Demonstration Projects for Energy Storage Applications panel session on Thursday, May 10. Peter Son, of XtremePower, and Hamid Zareipour, of University of Calgary, chaired the event.

Increased uncertainty and variability in power grids with a high penetration of renewable energy invites new technologies and solutions to enhance system economics, reliability and stability. Electrical energy storage is being regarded as one potential solution in various applications in the field of renewable integration, transmission & distribution, ancillary services and commercial & industrial power markets.

In this panel session, major industry energy storage developers shared their project experiences in various applications. They presented their business models, technology enhancement and solutions for the current/ future grid system. They discussed the opportunities and challenges for the wide deployment of energy storage system in the field.


Applications of Real Time Digital Power management by Xtreme Power’s Dynamic Power Resource

P. SON, Xtreme Power

Applications of Sodium-Sulfur Batteries
T. HATTA, NGK Insulators, LTD.

If you missed it, all conference and panel sessions will be placed in the conference proceedings and provided to all full conference registrants free of charge. Additional copies will be available for a fee.

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