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Bal Seal Demonstrates Spring Electrical Contacts

Bal Seal Demonstrates Spring Electrical Contacts

Supporting the IEEE PES T&D Expo’s overall theme of “Smart Solutions for a Changing World,” Bal Seal featured its Canted-coil spring electrical contacts that allow for greater design flexibility and better operational efficiency in switchgear and other power T&D equipment.

“We felt it was imperative for us to be at this year's show,” Bal Seal Energy Market Manager Shawn Noh said. “The spring contacts we’ll be demonstrating are based on a simple, intelligent design, and they’re playing an important role in the development of next-generation equipment, such as solid insulated switchgear. This makes them extremely relevant to attendees of the IEEE PES event.”

Originally developed as an energizer for seals made from PTFE and other polymers, Bal Seal’s Canted-coil spring has been used as a connecting and conducting solution in energy applications for nearly a decade.

The spring’s capacity to function as a high-performance electrical contact – and its inherent ability to compensate for misalignment caused by varying tolerances between contact surfaces – has led to its widespread use in equipment that carries and delivers electric power. More recently, the spring has been employed as a high current density contact in connector and generator components for wind and solar power.

Bal Seal's exhibit used a mix of demonstration samples, interactive media and technical animations to illustrate the value of the Canted-coil spring. Many of the digital assets displayed in the booth, including a newly produced segment on solutions for alternative energy, are also available online in the company’s “media room” at http://mediaroom.balseal.com/vod.

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