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Asset Management Software, Secure Remote Terminal Unit

OSI will be showcasing its Monarch platform; a state-of-the-art Real-time system for supporting high-performance mission critical applications for monitoring, control, scheduling and optimization of complex networked operations for the electric, oil and gas, transportation and water industries. Specific applications of the Monarch platform include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Energy Management System (EMS), Distribution Management System (DMS), Generation Management System (GMS), Market Management Systems (MMS), and Network Management Systems for fluid networks (NMS).

OSI will also be showcasing OSIRIS, its Linux-based secure Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), as well as its standalone new SOLUS Universal Serial Controller platform, hosting ISIS (Inline-Serial-Information-Shield), OSI's new hardware-based serial security solution. OSI's ISIS (Inline-Serial-Information-Shield) is a complete hardware based serial security solution within OSI's Security Shield suite of products. ISIS secures and encrypts all serial-based communications to protect against system intrusion, in compliance with evolving NERC, FERC, NIST and other security standards for critical control systems used by the electric utility, gas utility, transportation, chemical processing and other industries.

OSI's ISIS units are available in standalone SOLUS Universal Serial Controller chassis, or deployed as a team in multi-card, 19'' rack-mount configuration.

OSIRIS (OSI Remote Information System) is a secure remote information and metering unit designed for the electric power, oil and gas, communications and water industries.

Open Systems International Booth #F727

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