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Application of Self-Healing Technologies on Power Distribution System

Self-healing technologies are an inherent part of the Smart Grid and are expected to play a pivotal role in modern and future distribution systems. The panel session, Application of Self-Healing Technologies on Power Distribution Systems, on Wednesday, May 9 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., covers self-healing or self-restoration technologies that perform fault isolation and location, and even automated service restoration of systems. Julio Romero Aguero of Quanta Technology is moderating the session.

Some of the intrinsic benefits of this smart distribution component are increased reliability, more efficient use of manpower and resources, and increased operational flexibility. The switchgear, information technologies and communications infrastructures required for the implementation of self-healing schemes are also the foundation for other advanced smart distribution applications such as automatic system reconfiguration and system optimization. Therefore, an increasing number of self-healing initiatives are being pursued and implemented by utilities around the world as part of the power delivery modernization.

The objective of this panel is to discuss recent experiences, advances and trends in the application of self-healing technologies on power distribution systems.


  • Benefits of Automatic Fault Detection, Isolation and Service Restoration on Power Distribution Circuits: D. CRAIG, ENMAX Power Corp., J. SPARE, Quanta Technology
  • Self-Healing Circuits at Southern California Edison: R. YINGER, Southern California Edison
  • Use of Distribution Automation for Reliability Improvement: B. ULUSKI, EPRI
  • Application of Self-Healing Technologies on Power Distribution Systems: PHI’s Automatic Sectionalizing & Restoration Systems: J. LOPORTO, Pepco Holdings, Inc (PHI)
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