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Aging Workforce Issues in the Electric Industry

The IEEE PES T&D Conference will once again broach the subject of the aging workforce with a technical panel session chaired by KEMA's Siri Varadan. Aging Workforce Issues in the Electric Industry–Implementation of Solutions will be held on Tuesday, April 20, from 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

Having acknowledged past efforts in identifying problems associated with an aging workforce, this panel session focuses on the implementation of solutions. Recognizing that knowledge transfer lies at the heart of knowledge management, solutions are presented from various points of view – industry, utility and consultant. In each case, experts have been requested to present their solutions and describe what worked, and what did not. Specifically, speakers on the panel session will focus on aspects of the implementation of processes and systems geared toward:

1) Knowledge capture
2) Knowledge organization, storage and archival
3) Knowledge search and retrieval
4) Change management
5) Practical experience and
6) Lessons learned


Eaton and the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering Collaborate to Train Students in Electric Power Engineering
W. VILCHECK, Author Affiliation: Eaton Corp.
R. STINSON, Author Affiliation: Eaton Corp.
G. GATES, Author Affiliation: Eaton Corp.
G. REED, Author Affiliation: University Of Pittsburgh

A Collaborative Approach to Developing a Competent Workforce
J. RYZEWSKI, Author Affiliation: The United Illuminating Company

The Power and Energy Initiative at the University of Pittsburgh: Addressing the Aging Workforce Issue through Innovative Education, Collaborative Research, and Industry Partnerships
G. REED, Author Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh
W. STANCHINA, Author Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh

A Knowledge Framework for Sustaining Business Growth and Success
S. FRENCH SMITH, Author Affiliation: KEMA Inc.
R. WILLOUGHBY, Author Affiliation: KEMA Inc.
S. VARADAN, Author Affiliation: KEMA Inc.

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