Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics to Showcase PrismaPower Suite of Power Grid Monitoring Solutions

April 16, 2024
PrismaPower enables utilities and TSOs to monitor overhead and underground power lines in real time without installing extra sensors.

With the rise in renewables usage and grid congestion, extreme weather and the push for optimization and digitization, keeping the electric transmission grid in check has never been more vital.

PrismaPower, Prisma Photonics' suite of power grid monitoring solutions, enables utilities and TSOs to accurately monitor overhead and underground power lines for thousands of miles, in real time, and without installing extra sensors on power lines or towers. Instead, it’s an easy deployment, using the existing optical fiber network on top of the transmission grid (OPGW) on a scale never seen before, according to the company.

PrismaPower applications can measure wind metrics on every span for Direct Line Rating (DLR) and support Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR) regulatory demands such as FERC order 881. Not only does it enhance capacity, but with the capability to detect extreme weather events, from icing to lightning strikes and wildfires, PrismaPower boosts grid resilience.

Enhanced monitoring features that alert for electrical issues, from short circuits to flashovers, and the option to pinpoint physical vandalism and vegetation hits ensure grid reliability and asset integrity.

To learn more about PrismaPower, visit Booth #4469 at the 2024 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition or visit the website.

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