IEEE PES T&D Exhibitor to Showcase a Polyurethane Two-Component Reactive Sealant

April 3, 2024
The product can be used for sealing, fireproofing and flame retardancy of underground high-voltage cable joints.

In IEEE PES T&D Booth #5497, Ningbo Tonylum New Material Technology Co, Ltd. will be showcasing  a polyurethane two-component reactive sealant consisting of resin (A component) and curing agent (B component).

After thoroughly mixing the sealant (tan curing agent and resin) during use, inject it from the injection port into the housing cavity and wait for it to fully cure. The product does not contain solvents. It has the characteristics of minimal shrinkage, good permeation resistance, high volume resistivity and good insulation after curing, according to the company.

The product is constructed under room temperature and operated conveniently. It effectively combines waterproof property and insulation, and has become a special material for sealing, fireproofing and flame retardant of underground high-voltage cable joints.

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