Presspaper and Pressboard Manufacturer to Exhibit at IEEE PES T&D

March 20, 2024
KREMPEL GmbH produces cellulose-based insulation materials in a wide variety of types and qualities.

KREMPEL GmbH, which will be exhibiting in Stand 2976, is a manufacturer of presspaper and pressboard. These are approved and established cellulose-based insulation materials, which can be produced in a wide variety of types and qualities: in the form of pressboard, presspaper, kraft paper, corrugated board, presspaper with partial resin coating, strips, ladder ducts and ladder grids.

Depending on the type of cellulose, fiber preparation and machine settings, Krempel offers various types of presspaper and pressboard with special qualities. These cellulose products are manufactured on special paper machines. The company has one of the world's largest production facilities for continuously manufacturing presspaper as well as presses for the production of pressboard. The composition and properties of presspaper and pressboard for electrical insulation are standardized according to IEC 60641. However, the company also manufactures customized special types.

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