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IEEE PES Exhibitor Helps Utilities to Meet FERC Order 881 Requirements

March 20, 2024
Utilities can learn how to extend the life of their aging assets with ClampStar by visiting Classic Connector USA's booth.

In today's utility industry, meeting FERC Order 881 requirements is crucial to efficiently utilize the nation’s transmission grid and help lower costs for consumers by improving both the accuracy and transparency of transmission line ratings, according to Classic Connectors USA, an IEEE PES exhibitor. This order mandates that utilities use ambient-adjusted ratings as the basis for evaluating near-term transmission service to increase the accuracy of near-term line ratings. 

 Studies indicate that an increase in conductor current flow will lead to accelerated aging and connector degradation at the electrical interface and ultimately result in earlier connector failure. This is particularly concerning given the increasing power demand and the fact that a significant portion of the electrical grid is made up of aging infrastructure. Neglecting to address the connectors in the process will lead to catastrophic failures, line-down incidents, and unplanned outages, according to the company.

 One such solution that can help utilities address these issues is ClampStar. ClampStar reinforces connectors and repairs damaged conductor on overhead transmission and distribution lines. ClampStar provides proactive measures to prevent disruptions and address issues such as suspect connections, corrosion, and conductor damage without expensive outages. By using ClampStar in grid hardening programs, utilities can quickly address vulnerabilities and improve system reliability while saving time and money on maintenance and repair expenses. ClampStar is a cost-effective solution that enhances grid hardening and ensures compliance with FERC Order 881 requirements while improving operational efficiency and system stability by reducing the risk of outages and disruptions.

ClampStar is a tool that can be installed on energized lines, avoiding the costly expense of taking an outage. ClampStar helps utilities meet FERC Order 881 requirements while enhancing the reliability, stability and overall operational efficiency of power transmission systems. By investing in ClampStar, utilities can ensure the continued safety and efficiency of their systems while saving time and money on maintenance and repair costs.

 IEEE PES attendees can visit ClampStar in Booth #4140 to see ClampStars on display and discuss their company's specific needs with their application engineers.

 For more information, visit the website.


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