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Anaheim, California

Destination Anaheim: IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo Highlights

April 15, 2024
The 2024 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo will be held May 6-9 in Anaheim, California.

The 2024 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Expo is just around the corner. The March issue of T&D World included extensive coverage of what visitors can expect to see and learn during their week in Anaheim, California, U.S. This issue offers additional details on the super sessions and information on other features, as well as more products and services that will be on display on the show floor. 

The IEEE PES T&D conference is once again featuring super sessions with presentations that cover policy and regulation, transmission buildout, and climate change impacts.

Super Session 1-Mind the Gap: Policy and Regulation for Accelerating the Grid of Tomorrow: The first super session of 2024 will feature Shay Bahramirad, senior vice president of Engineering and Asset Management at LUMA Energy and IEEE PES president. She will be moderating this panel session that will bring together experts and policymakers to dissect the intricacies of current state and federal policies, identifying the chasms inhibiting the fulfillment of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals. Focusing on the electric sector and the imperative of efficient electrification in transportation and buildings, the discussion will scrutinize policy gaps hindering progress in these pivotal areas. 

Super Session 2: Transmission Buildout – The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need: The next 10-20 years will witness an unprecedented buildout of the transmission infrastructure, a necessity to support new resource development. This panel session will delve into the challenges and solutions associated with achieving a transmission system apt for a clean energy future. It will highlight the need for a more proactive and strategic approach in planning, designing, building, and operating existing infrastructure upgrades. The discussion will also encompass new transmission projects and the role of grid enhancing technologies. These elements combined can lead to effective and less costly implementation, paving the way for breakthroughs in the field. 

Super Session 3: Meeting the Energy Needs of Tomorrow – Integrated Planning for the Customers, Distributed Energy Resources, and the Grid: As the energy landscape undergoes a transformative shift toward sustainability and resilience, the imperative to holistically address the interplay between customers, distributed energy resources (DERs), and the grid has never been more crucial. This panel convenes visionaries, experts, and stakeholders at the forefront of energy innovation to explore the intricacies of integrated planning for tomorrow’s energy ecosystem. Focused on aligning customer needs with the evolving grid infrastructure and the proliferation of DERs, discussions will spotlight the challenges and opportunities in harmonizing these diverse elements. From fostering customer-centric approaches to optimizing DER integration and fortifying grid resilience, panelists will delve into strategies that bridge the gap between decentralized energy sources and traditional grid frameworks. 

Super Session 5: Spark of Innovation: Exploring Decarbonization from Electrification: In the ambitious pursuit of a decarbonized economy by 2045, electrification emerges as the linchpin for transformative change. This panel convenes trailblazers and experts at the forefront of innovation to unravel the blueprint for enabling widespread electrification and grid expansion. Focused on harnessing proven zero-emission technologies across passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as building electrification, discussions will center on actionable steps pivotal to achieving carbon neutrality. Exploring the symbiotic relationship between electrification, grid scalability, and technology integration, panelists will outline strategies to catalyze this monumental shift. By navigating the challenges and seizing opportunities inherent in this evolution, the session aims to chart a course that harmonizes policy, infrastructure, investment, and innovation, propelling us closer to a decarbonized future. Join us for an illuminating exchange that sparks innovation, driving us towards a sustainable, electrified economy by 2045.

Super Session 6: Climate Change Impacts on the Grid of Tomorrow: As climate change reshapes our energy landscape, the imperative to fortify the grid against its impacts has never been more pressing. This panel convenes experts and visionaries to delve into the critical nexus between climate change and grid resilience. Discussions will underscore the urgency of investing in climate adaptation, highlighting the stark contrast between present costs and the exorbitant toll of inaction. Emphasizing the need for modernized grid planning to empower communities amidst an uncertain future, panelists will advocate for adaptive strategies and innovative solutions. Moreover, the session will spotlight the imperative of enhanced collaboration among industries, governments, and communities to steer a transition toward a clean energy future that prioritizes equity. By fostering dialogue and actionable insights, this session aims to chart a course for a resilient, adaptive grid capable of navigating climate impacts while fostering an inclusive, sustainable energy paradigm for all.

More Educational Opportunities 

Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuing Education Units (CEU): Opportunities are available for attendees needing to meet ongoing certification requirements, as well as individuals wanting to utilize these sessions to attain and meet their own personal and company developmental objectives.

Panel Sessions: Featuring some of the industry’s best minds, panel sessions provide comprehensive discussions on a diverse range of important trends, issues, and real-world applications and solutions. Key trends explored include DERMS, wildfire mitigation, FERC Order 881, impacts of EV charging and HVDC transmission. Start building out your onsite agenda at by favoriting the sessions you’d like to attend.

Technical Tours: A diverse and exciting lineup of offsite technical tours gives participants the opportunity to tour and learn more about industry-related sites and products. Separate registration and additional fees are required and will be available when conference registration opens. Spots are limited so we encourage you to sign up early!

IEEE PES Plain Talk: The Plain Talk courses for power industry professionals will provide a greater understanding of the technical aspects of the electric power industry, even if you do not have an engineering background.

Separate registration and additional fees are required and will be available when conference registration opens.

Tutorials: Tutorials feature in-depth examinations and presentations covering topics important to power and energy professionals and will take place on Monday, April 25, only.

Separate registration and additional fees are required and will be available when conference registration opens.

Collegiate Program, Poster Session and Student Poster Contest: Offering an exciting and comprehensive schedule of student and young professional sessions and activities, the Collegiate Program is designed to help new talent launch successful careers in the power and energy industry. The Poster Session and Reception provides a relaxed environment for registered conference attendees to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and beverages while viewing hundreds of accepted papers in poster format.

For more updates and information on the technical program and IEEE PES Expo exhibitor list, visit T&D World editors will also attend this year and will provide previews and updates at

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