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TE Connectivity Releases Separable Connector with Voltage Measuring Functionality

March 12, 2020
The Smart RSTI cable connection is an example of a new era of smart grid technology.

TE Connectivity’s (TE) new generation of Smart Grid Technologies is an example of a medium voltage separable connector with an integrated voltage sensor.

The Smart RSTI cable connection is useful for smart grid applications by providing a precise voltage signal (e.g. 0.5 % accuracy class) to increase network transparency. It can also be used for grid management applications, such as grid monitoring, voltage regulation and Volt-VAR control.

According to TE Product Manager, Hamed Rezaei, “Many other grid applications may benefit as well. The discovery of those applications is ongoing.”

The sensor is factory calibrated and completely integrated as well as encapsulated through a grounded and conductive outer screen for complete reliability. Its compact design allows it to easily fit inside switchgear and offers the highest accuracy over a wide measuring range in both new and retrofit installations.

Type tested according to both IEC 61869-11 for low power instrument transformers (sensor), as well as CENELEC - HD 629.1 for cable accessories standards.

Visit the company in Booth 4150 at the IEEE PES T&D Expo. 

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