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Qualitrol Announces New Partial Discharge Monitor

March 8, 2020
QPDM monitors partial discharge activity on a real-time basis and predicts faults.

Qualitrol is releasing its latest partial discharge monitor – QPDM. With continuous online monitoring for transformers, the QPDM represents the next generation of its UHF Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring systems. QPDM leverages 25+ years of experience to monitor PD activity on real-time basis, predict faults and give utilities the confidence to make informed strategic decisions regarding the timely maintenance of their transformers before an unexpected outage occurs. 

"A transformer failure can be an economic disaster for our utility customers. The typical time required to order, manufacture and install a replacement transformer can easily take longer than a year. By not actively monitoring their transformers, utilities run the risk of losing revenue, witnessing catastrophic failures and experiencing major safety and environmental impacts," states Product Manager, Paul Smith.

The QPDM has a built-in sensitivity of -80 dBM and wide band selections covering 300 to 2100 MHz, which reduces the chances of missing any Partial Discharge activity. The QPDM also includes a high dynamic range of 70 dB enables better analysis of PD activity with larger amplitude variations.

Real-time monitoring of Partial Discharge amplitude and discharge rate helps in correlating PD activity with transformer loads, oil load tap changer (OLTC) operations and other operational indicators. Using the QPDM to monitor faults helps optimize transformer maintenance scheduling.

For more information on this product and technical information, review Qualitrol’s PD Monitoring Solution for Transformers or visit our website at qualitrolcorp.com.

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