Connor Usry

Connor Usry is a senior associate with RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings and Electricity Programs. He helps evaluate value propositions for grid and building stakeholders around grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs) and virtual power plants (VPPs). Connor authored papers on the carbon reduction potential and techno-economic implications of GEBs, VPPs, and embodied carbon in the built environment, performing analyses for DOE, DOD, NREL, NYSERDA, CEC, and large private real estate holders.

Prior to joining RMI, Connor was a founding controls engineer and product manager at Boon Energy, a systems integration company based out of New York City. He focused on energy optimization strategies, design engineering, and building automation solutions for large commercial estate and mission-critical data centers. Connor designed, commissioned, and serviced building management systems (BMS) for chiller plants, domestic water operations, and critical electrical load management.

Connor earned his B.S. Computer Science at Duke University and lives in New York City, NY.