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Birds nesting on distribution poles create potential hazards including electrocutions, fires and unpredicted outages.

Haley Olson

Haley Olson is a Senior Resource Scientist with Puget Sound Energy, and in her 15 years with PSE, has become an expert in the field of avian protection. While working in this role, in addition to responding to and mitigating bird and power line incidents, Haley has developed informational materials; spearheaded efforts to adopt new technology to assist with incident tracking, risk assessment, and proactive efforts; supports avian management and habitat work at PSE’s wind and hydroelectric generation facilities; and provides internal training to improve the efficacy of the program.

Outside of PSE, Haley has contributed to industry standard-setting publications and assisted with providing industry workshops nation-wide with the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee. Her background includes a BS in Environmental Studies and English (Creative Non-fiction Writing), and several years of technical field work, including songbird nest surveys; spotted owl nest surveys, capture, and banding; marbled murrelet nest and habitat studies; and habitat restoration. When she’s not working, Haley enjoys spending time in nature with her young daughter.