Jack Gardner

Timothy J. (Jack) Gardner is Duke Energy’s manager for Transmission Vegetation Strategy and Support. His team is responsible for providing enterprise TVM strategy, business transformation, technology, and support.  In addition to leading the strategy and support functions, he also led TVM Business Transformation initiatives and managed the development and implementation of planning, analytics, and scheduling applications for TVM. Gardner holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and has been with Duke Energy for 22 years, after 20 years at AEP. During his career, he has led and managed TVM Strategy and Support, TVM Regions, Transmission Line Construction and Maintenance, ROW Acquisition, Asset Protection, Aerial Patrol Programs, Regulatory Strategic Planning, Asset Management, Transmission GIS, Transmission Line Mechanic Training, Remote Sensing Programs (Mapping/LiDAR) with more than 110,000 circuit miles acquired, numerous enterprise technology and process improvement initiatives, and construction engineering and project management on several hundred miles of 69-765 kV transmission line and fiberoptic projects.