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Photo by Pattern Energy
The Western Spirit Switchyard is a major 345 kV facility serving as the point of interconnection for the four windfarms. This is the transmission line terminations at the switching station showing some of the switching devices and incomplete buswork.

Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds ([email protected]) is a senior electrical engineer with experience in the development, design, implementation and marketing of alternating-current (ac) and direct-current (dc) power systems. He has specialized expertise in reactive compensation, flexible ac transmission systems and high-voltage dc (HVDC) systems and their application to improve the performance of systems through 500 kV. His career includes 25 years with Bonneville Power Administration, where he was instrumental in the development and installation of innovative compensation systems, including fixed series capacitors, thyristor-controlled series capacitors and other shunt static reactive volt-ampere compensation (SVC) systems. He also served as a consultant with Siemens AG to develop and market state-of-the-art ac compensation and HVDC systems. He was one of the principle working group members who drafted and published significant documents covering the specification development for SVC systems and field-testing of SVC systems.