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This important corridor could be designated “secure and functional” and have at least one underground circuit to the microgrid.

Robert Kondziolka

Kondziolka has over 40 years of experience in engineering, planning, budgeting, line routing, public involvement, project management, design, construction, real-time operations, maintenance, reliability standards, and overall management of electrical transmission systems. Presently, Kondziolka is a Governing Body Member of the of the CAISO Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) and currently serves as Vice Chair. Prior to becoming an independent Governing Body Member on the EIM, Mr. Kondziolka worked at Salt River Project for 36 years. When he retired from Salt River Project, Mr. Kondziolka held the position of Management Consultant for Grid Resiliency and Security. Previous management positions at Salt River Project included Director of Transmission Line Design, Construction & Maintenance, Director of Power Delivery Engineering, Director of Transmission & Generation Operations, Executive Manager of Transmission Planning and Development, Manager of Transmission Line Design, Project Engineer for the Mead Phoenix Project, and Supervisor for Transmission Line Structural and Geotechnical Engineering. Mr. Kondziolka was a senior engineer at Salt River Project and design engineer at Tucson Electric Power Company addressing all aspects of transmission line design and development. Mr. Kondziolka is a registered Professional Engineer, has been involved in industry organizations, received several awards for research and industry contributions, and authored or co-authored technical articles related to transmission line systems. He has been involved in many of the efforts to achieve a more coordinated and unified Western Interconnection to improve reliability and economics.