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Grid hardening with covered conductor, wildlife covers, fire resistant wrapped wood pole, etc. Photo by SCE

Jesse Rorabaugh

Jesse Rorabaugh ([email protected]), P.E., is a senior engineer at Southern California Edison (SCE). He received his bachelor’s degree at California State University, Fresno with a triple major in physics, chemistry and biology followed by a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Cornell University and a professional engineer license as an electrical engineer in California. He is an active IEEE member and serves as chair for the G4 working group responsible for IEEE Std 1246 Guide for Temporary Protective Grounding Systems Used in Substations and Std 1268 Guide for Safety in the Installation of Mobile Substation Equipment as well as vice chair for the G9 working group responsible for IEEE Std 837 Standard for Qualifying Permanent Connections Used in Substation Grounding.